Kauri Sushi plate

Ancient Kauri Sushi plates carved to hold your Sashimi and Sushi in perfect harmony with wasabi and soy.  

The perfect Kauri gift for someone special 

330mm x 155mm x 30mmH

Kauri Whiskey Glass box

Ancient kauri carved to safely nestle beautiful Glen Cairn hand blown cut crystal Whiskey glasses.  Travel ready, Never drink alone (Glasses are made in Scotland and included with purchase)

Two glass or Four Glass Box choice.  Personal inscription can be included for a special Kauri gift

Ancient Kauri Humidor (treasure box)

Solid Ancient Kauri Box with Brusso 90 degree recessed hinges for the lid.  Cedar grate in the bottom adds a wonderful mild cedar aroma every time the box is opened.

Sold carbon fibre flange gives the box a feeling of modern flare.

Digital humidity gauge attached by magnet to the lid underside.

Finished with a satin finish

375mm long x 245mm wide x 185mm high

(Custom sizes can be made including custom inscriptions)



Ancient Kauri backgammon board.  Sparkles with 45,000 year old Kauri shimmer.  Inlaid solid Wenge and Maple points, as well as 12mm thick solid wenge and maple checkers.  Hidden hinges close the board and include Leather dice cups with deluxe dice and doubling cube which fit perfectly inside.  Leather carry handle with secure clasp for going mobile to wherever you may want to play.

Personal inscription on request. Always a nice touch for a Kauri gift.

Closed dimensions 550mmH x 325mmW x 85mmThick

Open dimensions 650mmW x 325mmW x 42mmH

NZD $1800

Ancient Kauri Chess board

Solid Ancient Kauri board with raised solid wenge and maple squares.

600mm x 600mm x 55mm thick 

Ancient Kauri Cheese and Charcuterie board

Oval Solid Ancient Kauri cheese and charcuterie board with NZ South Island Bluestone inlayed in the Kauri.  The Bluestone adds a surface for cutting while protecting the Kauri.

Handmade Damascus steel cheese cleaver and soft cheese knife with ancient Kauri handles.

The knives are secured with resin coated magnets in there recessed pockets on the board for storing and carrying.

Anodised aluminium handles are inscribed with the iconic NZ fern and match the bluestone,  while making this board easy to carry

(The board is also available without the knives.)

740mm long  x 350mm wide x 25mm thick 

Ancient Kauri / Schist Charcuterie board

Oval Solid Ancient Kauri charcuterie board with NZ South Island "cross cut" Schist  inlayed in the Kauri.  The Schist adds a surface for cutting while protecting the beautiful Kauri

Hand holds are recessed in the underside for easy carrying. Signed with engraved plate on underside

675mm long  x 480mm wide x 52mm thick 


Ancient Kauri Light House

Solid Ancient Kauri hand turned light house.  LED blue resin light house illumination(220v)




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