Stunning swamp Kauri round dining table. Clear resin fills reflect the beautiful lake waters found on the South Island.  At 2.1m diameter, this table has been CNC cut from a single slab of ancient Kauri.  Buried for thousands of years, this Kauri has absolutely stunning grain patterns

Custom anodised aluminium base 

2.1m diameter x 750mmH 


Named for our capitol where important decision are made.

This stunning dining or conference table is a 28,000 year old solid single slab, absolutely chock full of “whitebait” grain patterns. Sitting on Custom geometric Blackened steel legs which allow for comfortable seating around the entire table.  CnC cut to a modified oval shape for inclusive conversation, reverse angle profile to lift the table.

This slab is an amazing 1.4m wide and is 3.8 long.  (Other base designs available upon request)



Stunning example of our swamp Kauri wood tables . This table has Clear resin fills to reflect the beautiful water and beaches of Ahipara in the far north of New Zealand’s west coast.

Kauri wood tables  have  absolutely stunning grain patterns.

Blackened steel base (other base styles available upon request)

2.3mL x 1.1mW x 750mmH (Kauri Tables  are  height is adjustable)

Price indication $10,500

Hawkes Bay

This table is a Kauri classic.  Ancient Kauri with symmetrical natural edges on both sides.    Named after one of New Zealand's favourite wine growing areas.  Emphasis on sophisticated but casual.

Lovely Kauri shimmer and a few character scars revealing the age (41,000 years old).  All voids filled with resin, satin final finish.

Sitting on blackened steel legs that are height adjustable.  (Other options for legs also available)
2.7mL x ~1.1mW x 95mm thick
NZD $9000

SOLD  (please contact us for options as we have additional slabs available)


This desk is ancient Kauri with all natural edges.  The natural shape expressed  itself  early and was destined at first site to become a desk.  

Beautiful burls on either side of the perfectly formed natural chair recess.

The legs are ancient "whitebait" Kauri and geometrically designed to offer a modern illusion to this ancient desk 

The desk is a commanding size 2.4mL x .8mW x .75H

Baylys Beach

This table is ancient but "young" (3000 years old) Swamp Kauri.  Hence the very blond colouring.  Named after the area where this Kauri came from on the rugged west coast of the North island New Zealand. One of our more stunning Kauri wood tables

1.45 Square resin void dining table

Clear resin voids with ancient Kauri custom base

Stunning grain

NZD $9000


This table is ancient Kauri cut to a perfect 1.6m diameter with a modern reverse angle profile.   Named after New Zealand's largest city for its sophisticated look. Simple but elegant. 1.6m  Round dining tableAncient Kauri single slab with custom anodised aluminium base.



Owning a bespoke piece of Ancient Kauri furniture that you have been a part of the journey to create, is a special and truly artistic experience.  Like owning an original piece of art, your table will create a lasting legacy for you to treasure and share with family and friends.

Most of the work I do comes from commissions, where I work with you to understand your brief and deliver your dream piece. I love working with people on their commissions, making the design a part of them, and for them to feel a part of the design.

This video shows a recent commission and the process to achieving the end result.  Starting with finding the perfect slab, to fine tuning the design to the client's specifications and needs.  A stunning dining table is born

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