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Kauri Vault is passionate about the beauty, history and cultural significance of New Zealand swamp Kauri. We design and craft high-end bespoke Kauri furniture and products at Kauri Vault.  Melding the antiquity of the Kauri with modern designer bases for contemporary living.  

All of our pieces are designed and crafted in Northland, New Zealand, the birthplace of swamp Kauri.  We also offer custom made products / Kauri furniture at Kauri Vault.

Please scroll down to “Forty thousand years in the making” to read about the fascinating story about Ancient Kauri.


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Forty thousand years in the making

New Zealand is the home of Swamp Kauri with it’s age being carbon dated to be up to 45,000 years old. Northland has a natural supply of peat preserved Kauri that can only be recovered by licensed practitioners.

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Kauri Vault pieces are unique and dynamic

Swamp Kauri is historically significant, its age has been carbon dated to be up to 45,000 years old.

Preserved in peat bogs for thousands of years, no trees have been cut down.
These ancient giants allow for tables to be constructed from the largest single slabs available on the planet (versus laminated slab tables)

The finish of the tables is a labour intensive proprietary resin applied to both sides of the slab and then finished with a durable polyurethane top coat. This insures a very high quality end result which also seals and preserves the ancient timber to prevent further cracking or movement that is inherent in all timber.

Contemporary leg designs using the highest quality modern materials for today's urban settings. A melding of old and new. The legs are designed for functionality as well as aesthetics. The designs allow for reversibility of the table top and allowing for little or no impact on your guest’s knees.


Owning a bespoke piece of Ancient Kauri furniture that you have been a part of the journey to create, is a special and truly artistic experience.  Like owning an original piece of art, your table will create a lasting legacy for you to treasure and share with family and friends.

Most of the work I do comes from commissions, where I work with you to understand your brief and deliver your dream piece. I love working with people on their commissions, making the design a part of them, and for them to feel a part of the design.

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