Forty thousand years in the making - unique and bespoke works of art hand-made from ancient Kauri

Kauri Vault crafts beautiful Kauri furniture and works of art from New Zealand Kauri, the world’s most ancient timber.
Each piece of timber is personally selected and hand crafted using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology.

We work with clients to produce truly special and unique creations, that respect the mana of the timber, and preserve it in a way that can be appreciated for generations to come.

Delivered world-wide

Made in New Zealand and enjoyed around the world. At Kauri Vault we select the finest rescued timbers and create unique and special furniture, gifts and artwork.

We specialise in Kauri furniture, but also work with a range of other, special, sustainably sourced native timbers 

Hand crafted by artist Karin Venator

Karin's journey to becoming an artist started with her love for modern furniture and architecture. This grew with her fascination and appreciation for the historical and cultural significance of Ancient Kauri in New Zealand.

"Working with this precious material is a privilege that I treasure, and the wood itself inspires my creative desire to showcase the beauty and form Ancient Kauri offers

I hand craft each piece of Kauri furniture using traditional and modern techniques, technology and materials. A blending of old and new to design unique and timeless one-off pieces that can be enjoyed by clients around the world".

Designed and made in New Zealand

Our Kauri furniture and art pieces are designed and crafted in Northland, New Zealand - the ancestral home of the ancient Kauri and where all of our timber is ethically sourced.

Trees that reached over 1,000 years in age were then preserved in the earth where they fell over 40,000 years ago. This precious timber is now being recovered and preserved as tomorrow's heirlooms by Kauri Vault for future generations to enjoy.

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Work in Progress

We always have an interesting collection of projects underway. Please take a look at some of our "raw" Kauri slabs and talk to us about how we can create your own personal treasure from this incredible timber.

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Forty thousand years in the making

New Zealand is the home of Swamp Kauri with it’s age being carbon dated to be up to 45,000 years old. Northland has a natural supply of peat preserved Kauri that can only be recovered by licensed practitioners.

New Zealand FernMark licensed brand

Kauri Vault Limited is a New Zealand FernMark licensed brand.
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