Our Promise

Our Promise to our Clients:
At KauriVault we are a small team of artisans committed to providing the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction.  We will work tirelessly to deliver the product of your dreams.  We guarantee constant communication including progress photos, emails and conference calls throughout the process.  The relationship we develop is fundamental to the success of our products.

All pricing on the website is GST exclusive.  All custom orders and purchases require a 50% deposit with the balance and shipping due at completion of the project.  Once deposit is received, all sales are final.  Client change requests to an exisiting order may require additional payment.  Shipping costs are billed separately and are due at time of shipping.  Full quotes will be provided.  

Conformity to Description:

When purchasing a KauriVault product, the purchaser accepts that KauriVault products are handcrafted from natural materials.  While we always strive for perfection and to conform to description – slight variations in size, finish and material performance may occur.  Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variations and imperfections are to be expected and celebrated.  Each item is unique and no two are exactly alike. There can be slight variations in grain, colour and texture of products that include timber, resin voids, carbon fibre, steel finishing, aluminium /anodising, Venetian plaster.

Kauri processing

New Zealand Ancient Kauri:   Our iconic NZ treasure appreciated around the globe

 Ancient Kauri has been buried for thousands of years.  The Kauri has been carbon dated to be between 3000-50,000 years old.  Because the Kauri has been buried for thousands of years the intra-cellular structure of the timber has been diminished causing the timber to have its’s structural stability reduced in comparison to timber coming from standing trees.

 While Ancient Kauri is beautiful, very old and must be processed with care.  We process the timber to maintain structural stability and reduce any chance of the slab cracking, warping, or twisting in the future.  This can happen with changes in humidity and temperature.  

 To insure long-term preservation of the Kauri, our labour intensive process requires many steps including several applications of resin and then final sprayed durable satin finish to maintain a natural appearance.

 Slabs are thoughtfully selected for each client based on their requirements.

The slab is then flattened both sides by CNC to insure even thickness and flat surface.  

Removed from the CNC machine, the slab is then sanded both sides to remove any tooling marks.  3 coats of a sealer resin are then applied both sides.  Each coat needs 24 hours to cure prior to the next coat (a quick sand in between each coat).  All cracks and voids are then filled with clear resin.  Once this has been achieved, the slab can be returned to the CNC machine for cutting and reverse angle profiles cut if specified.  

The slab then is removed from CNC machine, sanded and a 1-2mm resin pour is done on both sides.  Once cured, sanded again and then sprayed both sides with satin final finish.

 Other pocketing on the underside for legs, supports etc. are also all done by CNC.  Recessing for glass is also done by CNC if specified. 

Warranty Information

We are committed to providing exceptionally high quality Ancient Kauri products and want to insure our clients will continue to enjoy their pieces for many years to come.

We do everything to insure our tables and furniture will last the test of time.

Ancient Kauri has been buried for thousands of years and is a very soft unstable timber.   if not properly finished it is going to inevitably suffer from movement. (Please see our document on how we process Kauri)

Large timber slabs by nature are far less stable then milled boards or engineered timber (ie veneers on ply).  Large timber slabs in general are much more prone to movement, cracking and warping.  This can happen particularly in very dry climates or during cold winters with low humidity from indoor central heating resulting in drying of the air.

With our multi step process of preserving Kauri we eliminate much of this risk.  On rare occasion a small hair line crack may develop, generally within the first few months of a table acclimating to a new climate environment.  This happens rarely but is of no structural significance.  

Should there be any significant movement or cracking we guarantee to replace or repair the table within 12 months of time of delivery.    

Rest assured, we are committed to providing customer satisfaction and will do everything in our power to protect your investment.


Wood movement is a natural process that happens as a course of nature.  It is a result of changes in humidity and temperature.  We take obsessive measures to prevent and minimise this from happening.  Our finishing process reduces the ingress and egress of moisture that can cause movement.

There are also several additional steps that the client can take to insure longevity of their Kauri products from this natural tendency to move.  These steps allow the timber to acclimate to their new environment gently.  Remember, Kauri was buried for thousands of years and once unearthed, milled, dried and finished, it has come from New Zealand,  a very humid tropical environment.  


  • Avoid placing your furniture in extended direct sunlight.  Shading is strongly advised.  UV and heat damage just about everything including carpets, drapes and our skin.  Your Kauri table is no exception.

  • Allow fresh air to circulate through the home as much as possible.  With central heating / air conditioning on and doors closed there will be virtually no moisture in the air of a room.  This scenario can cause the greatest amount of stress to timber.

  • Have a humidifier controlling the moisture level in a room.

  •  Have house plants in the room with your table.

  • If you cannot provide fresh circulating air in the room during the winter months, having a bucket of water in the room can help put some humidity back into the air.


Care of your table

Care and Maintenance of your Kauri Table

Your Kauri table has been handcrafted to last a lifetime.  The underlying resin gives stability and strength to the timber while also providing a hard wearing surface.

There is an additional sprayed finish (gloss or satin depending on client choice) on top of the resin which provides additional protection for the delicate Kauri.


Using warm soapy water and a soft cloth will keep your table clean and looking great.  Window cleaner can be used as well.

Care of the table is basic common sense for any table that is made of wood.

Very hot pots and pans including boiling hot cups of tea are not advised unless using trivets.  Hot coffee cups and warm plates are generally fine and coasters are not needed for drinks as the finish is water proof and will not stain.

We recommend using placemats to protect the table finish from possible light scratches as stoneware and certain dishes can have rough edges on the undersides which can cause light surface scratches.

If your table has a gloss finish and light scratches do happen, the surface can generally be buffed out using an automotive light cutting compound and a buffer.

Satin finishes can not be buffed out but often the light scratches seem to disappear on their own over time.

 Several years down the line, if you find your table is need of a spruce up, generally a light sand of just the sprayed surface finish, and then a respray will bring the table back to looking brand new.  (Sanding should only be light, as the underlying resin should not be sanded through to the wood) Contact us for complete instructions before undertaking.

 Please feel free to contact with any questions regarding the care of your table.

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