Ancient Kauri

Recovered native NZ trees from the mesolithic era. Agathis Australis more commonly known as Kauri.

Among the most ancient and largest trees in the world – appeared during the Jurassic period (between 190-135 million years ago)

Swamp Kauri (found only on the North island of New Zealand – north of 38 degrees), has been buried and preserved in peat swamp for up to 50,000 years.

Speculation is that a large tsunami is what buried these giants.

Extraction of logs is expensive and time consuming requiring skilled operators of heavy machinery.

Working in wet and muddy conditions each log must be skilfully brought to the surface.

Any size slab can be made into a custom table to fit. Tables can be made using the wood’s natural edges or milled to a specific geometric specified size.

These ancient timbers are then transformed into bespoke pieces of furniture. A variety of modern materials are used for the bases and legs to create a contemporary result. The irregularity and natural curves of the wood are enhanced. Slabs can be fitted with custom legs or exported without. There are various designs and materials that compliment the beauty of the ancient Kauri.


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