One our very cool ancient Kauri stump bases available.

Creative ideas welcome 

2.7mL x .7mW x 650mmH


Another one of our very cool ancient Kauri stumps.  Perfect for a coffee table. 

Only partially sealed at this point

1.3mL x .6mW x 390mmH

Young Kauri slab

This slab is ancient but "young" (3000 years old) Swamp Kauri.  Amazing stump grain with little to no voids.   This will make an amazingly beautiful round Kauri table.  Photo of finished sister slab attached.

2.3m x 2.16m x 100mm thick

Stunning grain


Stunning example of one our swamp Kauri slabs available.

This slab is ancient Kauri (40,000 + years of age).  It is 4mL x 1.2mW with a symmetrical natural edge both sides.

There will be outstanding flame grain golden waves of lightening through the length of the slab when finished.  A few cool scars to add a bit of rustic character to the table.

Perfect large dining table or conference table.  Multiple table base choices available.

North Shore

This slab is a massive but a stunning 28,000 year old Kauri beauty.  From my private stock of premium slabs.

North Shore can be made as a conference table or a large dining table.  There are several sought after grain characteristics in this slab including fiddle back on the far end.  Attached are photos of the sister slab finished in gloss.  Satin finish is always an option as well
Several choices of leg configuration are available (Anodised aluminium, carbon fibre, Kauri or steel for material choices).

This slab is an amazing 1.4-5m wide and is 4.8m long 90mm thick.  Natural edge but can be cut to any profile. 

NZD (price depending on configuration)


Beautiful Waipu 28,000 year old Kauri slab available.

This slab will have stunning resin voids with fantastic surrounding grain patterns  It is 3.1mL x 1.3mW with a symmetrical natural edge both sides.

Perfect for a large dramatic dining table    

Multiple table base choices available.


Owning a bespoke piece of Ancient Kauri furniture that you have been a part of the journey to create, is a special and truly artistic experience.  Like owning an original piece of art, your table will create a lasting legacy for you to treasure and share with family and friends.

Most of the work I do comes from commissions, where I work with you to understand your brief and deliver your dream piece. I love working with people on their commissions, making the design a part of them, and for them to feel a part of the design.

This video shows a recent commission and the process to achieving the end result.  Starting with finding the perfect slab, to fine tuning the design to the client's specifications and needs.  A stunning dining table is born


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