Queens Gambit

This chess table is a single slab of ancient Kauri carved to hold and display the beautifully hand turned Chess pieces.  The table is solid Ancient Kauri with Puriri (native NZ timber) inlayed into the Ancient Kauri slab with a Wenge frame.  The base is a modern pedestal style made of ancient Kauri with a solid Wenge base.  The Chessmen are all hand turned from Kauri and Puriri and sport turned deer antler for their capes and bases.  The pieces are so beautiful,  they deserve to be displayed and are housed beneath low iron crystal clear toughened glass when not in use.  The Glass tops are flush with the chess table and serve as a flat surface.

1200mmL x 570mmW x 465mmH


Simple but elegant 5,000 year old Kauri coffee table

Perched on a cool blackened steel custom floating frame

This table is an 1700mmL x 1100mm wide, 70mm thick, 400mmHigh.

Shipping to anywhere on the planet


Triad Kauri Table

Beautiful Triad timber table representing three different ages of ancient Kauri, 3,000, 28,000 and 41,000 years old.

 The New Zealand Kauri story told while sitting on custom solid Timaru Bluestone basalt pinnacle.

Finished with a durable soft satin finish that is stain / scratch resistant.

This table is 1.1m diameter 450mm High. 

Custom sizes available, including large diameter dining / conference table sizes



Lovely flame grain on this simple but elegant 28,000 year old Kauri coffee table

Perched on a cool blackened steel pedestal

This table is an 930mmL x 460mm wide, 80mm thick, 400mmHigh.

NZD $3400

Taraire Northland Native

Beautiful Northland Taraire.  Large open river coffee table with split Taraire single slab.

Finished with a durable soft satin finish that is stain / scratch resistant.
Supported on a custom blackened steel frame with open river view.

This table is 1.86m long x .725m wide, 65mm thick, 400mmHigh. 

NZD $5200

Kia Kaha

Stay strong with this very cool thick ancient Kauri coffee table

This exquisite very thick single slab of ancient Kauri features beautiful grain with all natural edges, and satin final finish

This slab is an 1.26m long x .7m -.8m wide, 200mm thick, 360mmH.

Sitting on four satin stainless round supports

NZD $4400



Very cool oval ancient Kauri coffee table.  Modern appeal with a reverse angle profile which wraps from top to bottom seamlessly.  Satin final finish

This table is an 885mm long x .559m wide, 90mm thick, 340mmHigh. 

Sitting on four oval carbon fibre legsNZD $4200

Canterbury Plains

Geometric beauty

This stunning table has beautiful top and side slabs of ancient Kauri perfectly mitred to create this inverted pyramid geometric shape. Satin final finish

This table is an 1.23m x 1.23m x, 400mmH.


Also available in more affordable "Adobe" material with carved nautilus (or plain) Please enquire for sizes.

 Custom sizes also available.


Owning a bespoke piece of Ancient Kauri furniture that you have been a part of the journey to create, is a special and truly artistic experience.  Like owning an original piece of art, your table will create a lasting legacy for you to treasure and share with family and friends.

Most of the work I do comes from commissions, where I work with you to understand your brief and deliver your dream piece. I love working with people on their commissions, making the design a part of them, and for them to feel a part of the design.


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