Kauri / Resin Cocktail Table

Ancient Kauri floating in a clear resin river.  Beautiful detail and colour in the Kauri  

Black Steel Pedestal style base

665mmL x 500mW x 400mmH.  Kauri is 85mm thick

NZD $2,600


Round Kauri end tables carved depicting the prehistoric Nautilus shell.  One table is the inside of the shell, the other table is the outside of the shell.  A perfect pairing with the age of NZ Kauri being as old as the nautilus.  

Blackened steel pedestal base

450mmL x 490mW x 400mmH and 350mmH.

NZD $2,300 each or $4,000 as a pair

Kauri Marlin Table

Kauri carved with marlin 3D inlayed in table .  Perfect sport Fishermans cocktail table to laugh over the days catches (or the ones that got away).  

Carbon Fibre and Kauri moulded pedestal base

600mmL x 600mW x 400mmH. 

NZD $2,600

Deep water Cove

Oval ancient Kauri cocktail table with inlayed Seafood Carving.  Surface is flat and filled with crystal clear resin creating a bit of an optical illusion.  A perfect fun table for the Bach or Launch 

Kauri 3D pedestal with Southern Spars carbon fibre Oval upright for pedestal base

640mmL x 540mW x 400mmH and 350mmH.

NZD $2,800 

Kauri and Glass

Book-end pieces of chunky swamp Kauri free floating beneath low iron crystal clear glass. 

This table has is carbon dated at 28,000 years old
Blackened steel base

600mmL x 650mW x 400mmH

NZD $2,400

Kauri and resin cocktail table

Kauri and resin cocktail table.   

Blackened Steel pedestal base

500mmL x 500mW x 400mmH 

NZD $1500

Kauri small Beer tables

Selection of small Kauri "beer" tables (or Gin tables) are perfect for a glass or two next to your favourite chair.  Easily picked up and moved for relocation.  These Kauri tables are made using a variety of materials for the simple fin style legs.  Examples include: anodised aluminium (several colours available), solid carbon fibre (a personal favourite) or a selection of timber species.

The two tables displayed here, one with carbon fibre legs,  the other using electric blue anodised aluminium legs with matching light blue phosphorescent resin that glows in the dark and recharges with light during the day.

Custom sizes available 

480mmL x 200mmW x 350mmH

NZD $900-$1500 depending on configuration 

Ancient Kauri / Dragon

Beautiful Ancient Kauri cocktail table with two natural edges. A Five finger dragon has been detail carved and filled with clear resin.  Created as a "Hollow mask illusion".  As you move around the table it appears like the dragon's eyes are following you

740mmL x 675mW x 400mmH (Kauri slab is 75mm thick)

NZD $2,800 


Owning a bespoke piece of Ancient Kauri furniture that you have been a part of the journey to create, is a special and truly artistic experience.  Like owning an original piece of art, your table will create a lasting legacy for you to treasure and share with family and friends.

Most of the work I do comes from commissions, where I work with you to understand your brief and deliver your dream piece. I love working with people on their commissions, making the design a part of them, and for them to feel a part of the design.


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